Monday, November 9, 2009

Quiz: What kind of dog should I get?

It can be tough to choose a new dog or puppy, especially if you're standing in the shelter, looking at a row of sweet, hopeful faces. It helps to sit down with the whole household first, and make a list of what qualities in a dog are important to you.

Try to be realistic about what characteristics will fit your personality and lifestyle best. Do you love big dogs, but live in a studio apartment and don't have three hours a day to commit to running, throwing frisbees, and chasing squirrels with your new pooch? Rescue a mellow adult or spry senior who will be happy with a nice walk and a cuddle on the couch. Puppies are cute, but remember that they often need potty breaks every 1-3 hours during the day, as well as once or twice in the middle of the night while they're really little. If you're gone for 8-9 hours most days, plan on having a friend or professional dog-walker help out, or else adopt an adult dog who is already house-savvy.

Breed selector quizzes are tons of fun (right along with "What breed of dog would you be?"), but remember that there's a lot of variation within breeds, and that mixed breeds, along with being genetically healthier, can be the perfect combination of the qualities you love best.

Click here to take the quiz!

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