Sunday, November 7, 2010

Try Treibball!

Looking for a new sport to play with your favorite canine? Energetic dogs of any breed, especially herding breeds or ball-crazy pooches, might enjoy Treibball--and, we guarantee, so will their owners.

At the whistle, the dog bumps and "herds" a flock of eight balls into a net, one at a time, while his human teammate calls out directions to keep him on track.

Treibball ("drive ball") emerged in Germany in 2003, and recently has gained some fans stateside. Classes and competitions are starting to pop up (for classes in northern California, see, and curious owners can check out the American Treibball Association for more information, or to find (or start!) a Treibball club near you.

Cheers to finding new ways to play with your dog!


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