Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Free classes for Pit Bulls this fall!

We love Pit Bulls and other bully breeds and mixes.  They tend to be sweet, people-oriented, and ready for adventure!  We're not the only ones--lots of people, including families with kids, seniors, and differently-abled folks, are in love with their "pibbles" and swear they're the best dogs around.

Even more than we love Pit Bulls, we love Pit Bull owners.  They face housing discrimination, jeers and horrified looks even while walking politely through their own neighborhoods, and are routinely denied access to places like... Denver.

So we're throwing you guys a bone.  Call or email any time to nab a spot in our FREE obedience classes this fall, exclusively for bully breeds and mixes.  All classes will be held in San Felipe Park, D Street, Hayward, rain or shine!

The first 4-week session will be on Saturdays, 1:00--2:00 p.m., from October 22 through November 12.
The second session will be on Sundays, 1:00--2:00 p.m., October 23--November 13th.

We're limiting class size to ten dogs in each session, and each class will have two experienced instructors present to ensure lots of individual attention for each dog.

We'll cover the basics: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Wait at doors, walking nicely on-leash, polite greetings (not jumping on people), and even a couple of cute party tricks so you can convince Grandma that your beast is actually pretty tame.  Charming, in fact.  And he comes with his very own diploma.

P.S. Check out BAD RAP's excellent online database of SF Bay Area Pit Bull resources, like pit-friendly housing!

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